CIVICTechnologies, Inc. (www.civictechnologies.com) develops geographic information systems (GIS) desktop applications and web services for businesses, public agencies, and institutions.

CIVICTechnologies works closely with its clients to develop innovative and fitting solutions that assist them to make better informed decisions, deliver more effective products and services, reduce costs, increase revenue, and implement organizational changes faster. CIVICTechnologies provides GIS solutions for business, public libraries, healthcare, and livable communities/mobility.

Governmental agencies, private companies, and institutions have access to a large amount of data ranging from demographics and population projections to socio-economic trends and proprietary and industry-specific information. Utilized as the basis for decision-making, the volume of this data is a mixed blessing while valuable, most organizations simply don't have the time, staff, tools or the budget to turn it into reliable, actionable information. As a result, decisions are frequently made on the basis of assumption rather than fact.

CIVICTechnologies solves this problem by creating GIS customized applications and web services for clients to aggregate, organize, and mine diverse data to create powerful, accurate, and comprehensive information solutions.

CIVICTechnologies utilizes GIS technology developed by ESRI, with whom the company is an authorized Business Partner. CIVICTechnologies has a broad experience working with ESRI products including ArcGIS, ArcIMS, ArcSDE, ArcView, ArcObjects, Spatial Analyst, Business Analyst, Business Analyst Online, and Network Analyst, among others.

GIS is a tool for mapping and analyzing spatially co-related data. GIS integrates database operations with the visualization and analysis benefits of mapping. GIS presents information as layers linked by geography, enabling visualization of relationships and scenarios previously unimaginable. GIS is ideal for delivery over the Internet, which facilitates constant updates of the data so clients are assured of making decisions based on the latest and most accurate information.

CIVICTechnologies is a leading GIS application service provider (ASP) offering comprehensive web services to scope, develop, test, produce, host, and manage web-based GIS. CIVICTechnologies' web services are professionally hosted in a managed environment.

CIVICTechnologies provides consulting services to customize desktop GIS applications that address specific client needs, and then are handed-off for the client to operate and manage, with optional support and maintenance by CIVICTechnologies.

Business Solutions
CIVICTechnologies provides a full suite of web services, customized applications, and consulting services to comprehensively meet the GIS needs of businesses from small and medium enterprises to Fortune 500 companies across a diverse range of industries.

Our unique approach helps executives make better informed decisions by developing and translating content into spatial solutions that increase revenue, reduce costs, enable your employees to execute more effectively, empower marketing and sales staff, continuously measure results, build consensus faster, and implement organizational changes more quickly.

CIVICTechnologies GIS solutions for business are a knowledge management source for use in developing one-on-one marketing programs, expanding business opportunities, and building customer loyalty. We start by asking what problems a company needs to solve and what objectives it wants to achieve. Does a company want to:
  • Focus marketing and sales activities on the highest likelihood of sales penetration?
  • Identify prospects whose buying characteristics match those of your best customers?
  • Differentiate customers - including "best customers" and prospective customers - and to prioritize opportunities based on the revenue each represents?
  • Utilize demographic segmentation to develop effective media and messaging programs tailored to micro-markets?
  • Integrate marketing, sales, and operational activities as a result of a merger or acquisition?
We build either a customized GIS application or web service:
  • Customer buying profiles: identify lifestyle segments that reflect people who buy your products and services.
  • Customer market analysis: shows how deeply you are penetrating a market location compared to the potential of that area.
  • Customer prospecting: identifies locations with prospects that best match the people who buy your products and services.
  • Store prospecting: identifies the best places for locating a new outlet based upon your criteria.
  • Sales analysis: compares the extent to which an area is over or undersold.
  • Store market analysis: analyzes store locations including your competitors.
The key to our approach is lifestyle segmentation using ESRI's industry leading Tapestry model. Tapestry exploits the direct connection between human behavior and neighborhood structure. Lifestyle segmentation positions consumer attitudes, values, needs, and benefits and allows for cross comparisons between location and psychographics. Market intelligence using Tapestry is surgical in its accuracy, offering the ability to cross sell and up sell, to measure results from marketing, sales, and operations, and to apply customer feedback.

Public Libraries
CIVICTechnologies offers three services for public libraries:

LibraryDecision (www.librarydecision.com)
LibraryDecision is composed of three services:

LibraryDecision Planner
LibraryDecision Planner is a subscription GIS web service that offers the ability to analyze, visualize, and interpret the relationships between community needs and library resources via a mapping tool that spatially displays the data relationships. LibraryDecision Planner enables public librarians to evaluate how well they are meeting community-specific needs and to plan for service improvements. Public library directors nationwide are faced with tough challenges: dwindling budgets, staff shortages, operational demands, and diverse and changing community needs. LibraryDecision Planner is designed to assist librarians accomplish the following:
  • Focus collections development
  • Strengthen advocacy planning
  • Ensure access and equity for all
  • Undertake cardholder development campaigns
  • Prepare grant applications
  • Site new facilities
  • Address topical issues such as youth development and literacy training
  • Calculate service indicators
  • Evaluate service delivery in relation to the unique needs of your community
By combining Census 2000 data, local school data, geographic data, and population projections and current year population estimates with a library's own outlet and usage statistics, LibraryDecision Planner helps librarians gain analytical and interpretive insights into the unique characteristics of each outlet and their organization as a whole.

LibraryDecision Planner is accessible to an unlimited number of simultaneous users. With an intuitive user interface, no specialized GIS training is needed. With LibraryDecision Planner librarians don't have to rely upon outside agency staff to answer their own questions. Because LibraryDecision Planner is scalable, any library jurisdiction of any size - from one facility to dozens of branches - can benefit.

CIVICTechnologies has the ability to work with all integrated library system vendor data systems, including The Library Corporation and GIS Information Systems, with whom we are business partners.

LibraryDecision MapWorks
A custom mapping service targeted at small public libraries with one to three outlets, and library planning and building consultants. Using an order form, clients select from one to several customized maps to meet their specific mapping needs. Mapping categories include demographics, patron use patterns, population projections and current year population estimates, library service evaluation indicators, library service areas, and school population. Maps can be delivered as jpgs or in printed form at report or display size.

LibraryDecision Patron
LibraryDecision Patron is a quarterly GIS-based reporting system that provides library administrators with maps, tables, charts, and narrative that systematically tracks and measures cardholder use at the branch level and system wide. By systematically tracking usage over time, librarians can build collections to meet their communities' needs while justifying resource expenditures. When the right mix of resources is available, library usage increases among existing cardholders, and the opportunity to acquire new patrons is maximized.

BusinessDecision (www.businessdecision.info)

BusinessDecision is a database/GIS web subscription service for public library business patrons that need in-depth analysis. Unlike business-oriented databases that focus on business-tobusiness information, BusinessDecision Pro provides tools to help small and medium size enterprises find new customers and increase sales to existing customers. Library business patrons obtain a sophisticated GIS tool set and a wide range of consumer market data. BusinessDecision Pro includes demographic, market segmentation, and consumer spending information for site selection and location analysis; customer segmentation, profiling, and penetration; scanning new markets and customer prospecting; target marketing; media planning; and developing, planning, and analyzing franchise territories.

Consulting Services and Customized GIS Applications
In addition to LibraryDecision, CIVIC Technologies offers the following comprehensive consulting services to public libraries:
  • User needs assessments
  • Demographic analysis
  • Market area analysis and patron development campaigns
  • Strategic planning
  • Service area planning
  • Community participation and consensus processes
  • Election campaigns
  • Site selection
  • Library use and patron analysis
Healthcare Solutions
CIVICTechnologies health care web services and customized applications help inpatient providers, outpatient providers, and transportation service providers succeed in a consumer-driven market. Our GIS solutions work in concert with existing data and information systems to accomplish important inventory, analysis, interpretation, and reporting tasks for business planning, business development and customer management, and physician and clinic development. CIVICTechnologies provides HIPPA compliant services.

CIVICTechnologies offers three services for health care providers:

Business Planning Solutions
GIS for business planning assists decision-makers strike the balance between a visionary long-term plan and short-term accountability and results. GIS applications support a range of planning methods and visually analyze and compare different forecasting and modeling techniques.

GIS planning capabilities helps decision makers identify competitive issues and threats, spot strategic opportunities, predict high demand service, target growth opportunities, develop service lines, redeploy non-productive resources, implement organizational changes, integrate strategic plans and facility resources, and manage facilities.

Business Development and Customer Management Solutions
GIS for business development and customer management help decision makers find new business, develop effective outreach and communication strategies, and improve stakeholder and community relations.

GIS solutions use information from a range of sources to build integrated databases that capture demographic information and utilization patterns, and track customers across the continuum of care. Segmentation modeling combines health demographics and provider data to differentiate customers - including "best customers" and prospective customers - and to prioritize opportunities based on the value each represents; and, helps craft targeted marketing campaigns to communicate with specific segments based upon their unique needs and preferences.

Physician and Practice Development Solutions
GIS solutions for physician and practice development helps decision makers build a mutually profitable provider/physician relationship. GIS solutions provide critical information to providers to increase physician business leading to more in-patient admissions and out-patient visits.

GIS locates physicians and clinics in places with the best potential to increase business now and in the future, identifies places with high existing unmet market demand, predicts the location of future service line demand and quantifies growth and change, increases market penetration, helps redeploy resources away from saturated areas, and targets services to meet unmet needs.

Livable Communities and Mobility Solutions
CIVICTechnologies develops customized GIS applications to improve the quality of life in local communities and urban regions by helping public agencies address specific issues and integrating those issues across disciplines:

Smart Growth Customized GIS Applications
  • Real estate development: Inventories and analyzes community resources to identify real estate development sites with the greatest potential for improving a community's livability including the locations of key infill development sites.
  • Land use/transit integration: Creates a livability index based upon a wide range of usercustomized indicators that reflect local concerns including pedestrian and transit access, neighborhood services and resources, recreational facilities, special population needs, jobs, and economic development, among others.
  • Economic development: Integrates federal and state workforce investment programs with job training entities, regional industry clusters, local businesses, municipal economic development agencies, and transit providers in order to improve local economic competitiveness in the global marketplace.
  • Growth management: Supports growth management through the development of a carrying capacity analysis of residential, commercial, and industrial land use needed to support projected population growth.
Mobility Customized GIS Applications
  • Non-motorized transportation planning: Plan transportation analysis zones and other small scale areas with the greatest potential for increasing pedestrian access and transit use.
  • Streetscape improvements: Locate the best places to construct streetscape and real estate improvements that enhance the pedestrian linkages between neighborhoods with high transit potential and the bus stops and transit stations that serve them, and to evaluate the effectiveness of these improvements.
  • Transit market segmentation: Identify the locations of potential transit riders based upon the market segmentation profiles and client-tailored indicators.
  • Way-finding: Create public way-finding systems to facilitate access in coastal and urban environments.
CIVICTechnologies has partnerships and/or strategic alliances with the following companies:
  • Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI), Redlands, California
    ESRI is the world leader in developing platform GIS software.
  • The Library Corporation, Inwood, West Virginia
    TLC is a leading international library automation provider. TLC is partnering with CIVICTechnologies to market and sell LibraryDecision.
  • Polaris Library Systems, Liverpool, New York
    Polaris Library Systems is a leading international library automation provider, featuring Polaris. GIS Information Systems is partnering with CIVICTechnologies to market and sell LibraryDecision.
  • Metropolis New Media, Inc., San Jose, California
    Metropolis New Media is a national leader providing managed hosting services for GIS applications.
  • DB Consulting, Los Angeles, California
    DB Consulting is a national leader in demographic projections and analysis, survey research, and focus group interviews.
The broad scope of clients served by CIVICTechnologies' includes a Fortune 500 beverage company represented by DDB Worldwide Communications Group, Inc.; County of Los Angeles Public Library; San Diego Public Library; Glendale Public Library and Glendale Fire Department, California; City of Redlands, California; State of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans); Southern California Association of Governments; San Bernardino Associated Governments; Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, California Hospital Medical Center, and Chapman University.