BusinessDecision is packed with data which can be easily viewed in pre-set reports and maps designed to give your business patrons the information they need, and to empower your business patrons to implement detailed action plans that build their business.

Review which reports and maps best help your business patrons to understand the lifestyle and buying behavior of the households uniquely customized for your local market. Tapestry Area Profile
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Tapestry reports provide powerful information to characterize your existing customers, identify your best potential customers, reach them more effectively, define the products and services that they prefer, and tailor your messages to attract their attention.

Tapestry reports help you
  • Discover untapped potential
  • Use customer preferences in developing new products and services
  • Target media campaigns including direct mail and advertising
  • Evaluate current and potential sites
  • Define market penetration
  • Compare local markets to their national counterparts
  • Expand sales territories
The Tapestry Area Profile compares the top 20 local market segments, ranked by household percentage, to their national counterparts. The report also includes data for the LifeMode and Urbanization summary groups.

The 65 market segments of the Tapestry segmentation system classify U.S. neighborhoods based on their socioeconomic and demographic composition. Segments are combined to identify
  • 12 LifeMode summary groups with similar consumption and demographic patterns
  • 11 Urbanization summary groups with similar density
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2010-2015 Demographics
Who are your customers? Where can you find more like them? Using demographic information to know more about your customers can help you better position your company in today's -- and tomorrow's -- marketplace.

Each demographic report provides a running current year estimate of population, a five year forecast, and is customized to analyze the area around a site or to analyze a specific geographical unit such as a county, city, ZIP Code, or Census Block.

Market Profile
This comprehensive report includes current year estimates, five-year forecasts, Census 2000 demographic data, and Consumer Expenditure data. The Market Profile compares data for up to three trade areas to aid site selection, market analysis, and trend evaluation decisions.

Demographic and Income Profile
This report summarizes Census 2000, current-year estimates, and five-year forecasts of household data to reveal trends in demographics and income. Demographic variables illustrated with bar and pie charts help you quickly analyze the demographics of trade areas to forecast market growth.

Housing Profile
Do your customers favor high-rise living or single-family homes? Do they rent or own? Do they fit your preferred customer profile? The housing information in this report is of special interest to real estate professionals, financial institutions, and residential homebuilders.

Graphic Profile
Colorful, easy-to-understand pie charts and graphs provide an illustrated overview of current year demographic estimates to quickly analyze your market area. Graphics show key demographic variables such as households, population by age, households by income, and race.

Census 2000
With each new Census tally comes new reports, summaries, and comparisons. We make these available for your business planning needs.

Census 2000 Summary Profile
This comprehensive census summary helps planners, business owners, marketers, and retailers plan successful and thriving communities. The report combines census demographic variables such as:
  • Households by type
  • Households by size
  • Population age 15+ by sex and marital status
  • Population age 3+ school enrollment
  • >
  • Population age 3+ by educational attainment
  • >
  • Workers age 16+ by travel time to work
  • Employed population age 16+ by industry and occupation
  • Housing units by occupancy
Consumer Expenditures
Based on annualized data from the Consumer Expenditure Survey (CEX), consumer expenditure reports identify the consumer dollar potential available to be spent for various retail categories. This includes the total dollar amount spent, average amount spent per household, and the Spending Potential Index, which measures the amount spent for a product or service in your area compared to the U.S. average.

Retail Goods and Services Expenditures
Are you selling products and services that match the preferences of your customers? Successful retailers offer products and brands that keep pace with changing tastes. To analyze the products or services that your customers prefer, use this information categorized by apparel, computer, food, finance, health, and insurance.

BusinessDecision maps are integral in helping you gain a complete perspective of your customer and business locations:

Thematic Map
The Thematic Map displays your site along with any one of more than 10,000 demographic variables shaded at any geographic level: state, county, tract, block group, and ZIP Code.

Standard Site Map
This map displays your site and radii along with other reference layers such as highways, major roads, rivers, and county boundaries.

If your project contains one site, use this option:
One Map Per Site

If your project includes more than one site, use this option:
One Map Includes All Sites
Use this option to view all sites on a single map.

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