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Objectives Evaluate Sites and Analyze Markets
Retailers, restaurant owners, real estate developers, brokers, and business consultants must stay ahead of their competitors. All businesses must know who their best customers are, how to find them, what they buy, and the best sites to attract them. They must determine if it is easy for customers to reach a site and evaluate whether to open a store at a new location or expand an existing store. These reports provide information to help make informed decisions about your current and potential sites. Profile Customers
The key to successful marketing is to identify your best customers and prospects. Do you know their product preferences, where they like to shop, how to best reach them? Select from these reports to help you better understand your customers. Scanning New Markets
As the population changes, needs change. For example, as the population ages, businesses should know where people are retiring, how they're spending their lifetime savings, and what activities interest them most. Physicians, hospitals, and health providers use these reports to decide where to build and staff retirement homes and nursing facilities and which local community outreach services to offer. Select from these reports to help you understand the demographics and spending habits in your market area. Determining Market Penetration
Businesses are squeezed between serving their traditional customers, acclimating to the Internet environment, enhancing their capabilities to offer additional products and services, and adding profitable customers. Understanding market penetration is the key to identifying and exploiting new opportunities.

For example, financial institutions use these reports to target services to both their traditional and Internet customers. By knowing the demographics of their market area, these companies can determine what money is available for investments, what is spent on housing, and where to locate new branches and ATM machines. These reports help accurately measure penetration to define a market and discover new opportunities. Reaching Your Customers
All business messages must reach their current and prospective customers efficiently. Businesses will save money and gain better response by advertising only in the media preferred by their best consumers and by tailoring marketing messages to attract them. These reports can help you pinpoint the media type (TV, radio, magazines, newspapers) that will best reach your customers. Developing, Planning, and Analyzing Franchise Territories
To establish successful territories, accurate and detailed planning is essential. Businesses use these reports to find potential markets and to analyze production and sales performance relative to industry or area averages. Business reports identify the number, type, and size of businesses in the prospective area for better evaluation of competitive sales volumes.
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