Business patrons remain one of the most underserved of library segments. Business patrons provide tremendous value to our communities in terms of jobs, economic stability, tax base, and political power. They look to the library as the trusted intermediary for reliable information.

Ultimately, business patrons want to do one thing: add more customers. After this they want to cross-sell and up-sell existing customers, identify new store locations, evaluate competitors, and focus marketing efforts including direct mail and targeted media buys, among others.

Small and mid-size businesses want to grow and they want to know which information resources will help them do this.

But libraries have a limited database offering: investment databases (great for people who have "made it"), business-to-business databases (not great for most businesses which are consumer oriented), and "just data databases" (StatsUSA, Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, etc.). Original research using "just data databases" is an anathema to business patrons.

None of these resources provide the consumer market, market segmentation, and demographic data local businesses need to grow.

That's why we developed BusinessDecision…a subscription database, reporting, and mapping service that combines extensive consumer household, market segmentation, and demographic data with GIS mapping technology.

With BusinessDecision your library will have an instrumental role in the economic vitality, development, and sustainability of your community.

Tell your business patrons that you’re going to give them a tool to help them find their next 1,000 customers, evaluate their competitors, and put them on the same footing as Fortune 5,000 companies, across any range of industries, regardless of their size.

We want you to make up your own mind about BusinessDecision:
  • Will it benefit your patrons?
  • Will it add strategic value to your community?
  • Is the value it contributes worth the subscription price?
We invite you to learn more.