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About CIVICTechnologies
What is CIVICTechnologies?
Why did you develop BusinessDecision?
What other products and services does CIVICTechnologies offer libraries?

Setting up, ordering, and renewing a subscription
Is there a limit on the number of reports and maps?
Is there a limit on the number of users?
Is remote access available?
Is there a preferred web browser?
What reports and maps are available?
What are the advantages of a subscription?
How do we renew at the end of the subscription year?
What do we have to do on our website to make BusinessDecision work?
How do our patrons and library staff logon to BusinessDecision?
What is Express Logon?
What is My Accounts Logon?
How do I set up my own personal and private My Account?
How do I get back into my own personal and private My Account?
What if I need reports and maps that are not available under the library's subscription?
What if I need help applying the information in the reports and maps to a patron's business?
What are the basic terms and conditions for a subscription?
How is BusinessDecision priced?
Who do we contact to place an order or to obtain more information?

Creating Reports and Maps
What reports and maps are available?
What is a site-based report?
What is a geographic unit-based report?
What is a trade area analysis?
How is data calculated for a ring analysis?
What is a thematic map?
How do I decide which reports and maps I need?
Who can I contact with other questions about creating reports and maps?
How long does it take to receive reports and maps?
What if it takes longer than two or three minutes to receive reports and maps?
Do I need to refresh the screen when reports and maps are being processed?
Can I work on the same or another project while reports are being generated?
What is a project?
Is my business data private?
How long are my reports and maps stored in My Account?
How do I download reports and maps in My Account?
How do I change my password or other registrant information in My Account?
Can I customize preferences for My Account?
What are My Accounts pages?
What is an "order"?
What happens to my reports and maps if my library does not renew its subscription?
If my library does not continue its subscription how can I continue to access BusinessDecision?
How do I access previous reports in My Account?
How many sites or geographic units can be set up under one project?
Are reports and maps e-mailed to me?
What is ESRI?
Where does the data in BusinessDecision come from?
What is a data manual?
How do I get detailed information about Tapestry?
Is there a data manual for current year demographic estimates and future forecasts?
Is there a data manual for consumer expenditure data?
Is there a data manual for Thematic Maps?
Is there a data manual for Census 2000?
What are Optional Reports and Maps?
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